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We recommend you upgrade to the Snapshell IDR model. Yes Although CSS has added numerous new driver license templates they still continue to support the older templates as well. We recommend collection of a secure scan2 be provided for review. LobbyWorks 4. 0 Scanning Business Cards Driver Licenses and IDs Updated 26 May 2011 Scanning business cards and driver licenses is a great way to capture a complete ID image for record keeping and to streamline data entry during visitor registration....
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and no software is 100% error free. Recognition errors are typically less than 1% of the total scan. By comparing to the raw image, a scanner will often be able to infer additional information that could be useful in processing. 2) OCR cannot accurately identify items placed inside cards. For example, you may have a person's Social Security number and driver license, but still may not recognize the number displayed within the cards. 3) Card scanning technologies are constantly being improved, and we do not list every single scanner. Some companies and brands have very specialized scanners and have not listed them. Note – Most of our scanners are designed and tested by the Scanner Center, a division of The Scanner Corporation. We strongly recommend the Scanner Center to all our clients to ensure their scanning results are top notch. We will continue to update our library of available scanners as vendors release new and improved products. You can find a list of scanning vendors here on the Scanning section of the website. We are the authorized dealers for the following manufacturers as of 1/3/2012: American Laser Corporation, Ametek Corporation, B&H Imaging, ESS Optical Corporation, G-Tex Systems, Inc., LaserTechnologies, Inc., Techni-Card, Universal Imaging, Techni-Card International, and Zephyr Photo-Lithography. American Laser Corporation American Laser is the manufacturer of ID & driver license cards and identification cards worldwide since 1992 A very quick overview review of the product. This has the ability to print, scan and email your ID card. Note: It currently supports printing, but only when an internet connection is available. American Laser offers a wide range of ID scanning products and services, including: · Scan ID's . This offers a large array of scanning products ranging from the smallest size to high resolution. It also offers a complete package of ID scanning software. · Print ID's . This provides a simple print ready ID card with a printed card size of 3.5x5.5," a high resolution printing area of 0.15" thick per side, and high durability material for printing. · Email IDs – This allows users to email their existing id card and create a new email ID from your existing phone number. · Online ID services . This offers a range of online services that allow users to scan, print, or email to a variety of ID services. Click here for more details on ID's
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